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Vehicle Suppression System

Vehicle Suppression System

AR Fire Safety Solutions the best Firefighting equipment Delhi based company is recognised for the exceptional engineering and quality of its products and installation. We provide dedicated vehicle suppression system considering your requirements depending upon the type and functions of the vehicle. After installation of the system our professional experts conducts training session about the product information and how to operate it under emergency situations. The suppression system consists of the machine, its accessories, manual and guarantee card.

Vehicle Suppression System in Delhi, India

Features and Advantages

ABC filled pressurised cylinders made up of higher quality and different sizes and variants are available at AR Fire Safety Solutions. Complete apparatus consists of cylinder; control panel having LED indications and alarm system; detection network having fixed temperature thermostat, linear or safe IR detectors and nozzles etc.

The automatic system warns the operator immediately after sensing danger signals and initialise to suppress the fire at its preliminary state without damaging vehicle, its operators and surrounding assets. The risk of fire is high when abrasion against a high-pressure hydraulic system causes some damage or leakage in the vehicle. Fire risk is also high when some combustible items are gathered around engine area and a short circuit in machine’s electrical circuit also causes easy fires. Suppression of fire at initial stage stops before it becomes fully established and reaching to highly combustible or fuel area. As a result, damage to the vehicle is limited, equipment downtime is held at minimum and saves huge losses. Subsequently insurance cost is also reduced.

Features And Advantages of Vehicle Suppression System in Delhi, India


Our vehicles suppression system is used in all kind of vehicles running on the road, mining operations, waste/ recycling industry, forestry industry, mass transit vehicles, vehicles on ports.

Our dedicated customer service and transparency in the work ensures you that the suppression system you have installed is 100% reliable, competent, better than similar equipment available in the market and has been satisfied all norms set by different government and non govt. organisations.

Installations of Vehicle Suppression System in Delhi, India