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About Us | Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India


Company Profile | Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India

Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India. A symbol of quality and reliability, AR Fire Safety Solutions is a prominent wholesaler, distributer and installer of fire prevention and safety equipment (Brand: Fire Guards) in India. AR Fire Safety Solutions, a Delhi based company offers marketing and installation of Automatic Fire Suppression system, CO2 Flooding System, CO2 Type Fire Extinguisher, Data Center Fire Gas Suppression system, Novec fire suspension systems, Novec 1230 fire suspension systems , Fire Extinguisher systems and Kitchen Suppression systems and Fire Hooter also.

To ensure that our products and services from AR Fire Safety Solutions meet the best quality standards for safety, intelligent engineering for performance, we put here every effort to enforce strict standards. Our professional products are reliable, advance and have passed through different quality checks to meet the industry standards.

The AR Fire Safety Solutions of fire extinguish products of Fire Guards at AR Fire Safety Solutions includes cost effective, superior functioning, quality standards, great values and benefits to cater your fire safety needs. We serve our esteemed customers in reducing risk of fire and downtime.

The prestigious company ‘AR Fire Safety Solutions’ has a number of satisfied customers from all over India. We constantly work hard on research and development as we wish to maintain our reputation by offering values to the customer’s lives. Timely delivery and installation is our company motto and our dedicated professional team, 24X7 work efficiently to maintain this.

Our Business Objective

Our vision at AR Fire Safety Solutions is to provide, install the fire safety and prevention equipments in hotels, hospitals, schools, different vehicles, business houses and other commercial units. Keeping in view the priority of ensuring safety of people at home (kitchen) our team focus to cater the needs of domestic users also. We provide industry standard products of fire safety and prevention. Our indigenously developed customised products certified for quality, proper functionality, reliability and approved from different Government authorities.

AR Fire Safety Solutions team is constantly engaged in product support, maintenance and imparting training. Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India. We prioritize timely supply of the quality products according to the needs of target customer. Installation of the product at the most appropriate location and offering maintenance is the other basic job our company undertakes. The long list of satisfied customers of the best fire safety company AR Fire Safety Solutions are added feather on cap.

Our Mission: ‘Your Safety Our Priority’

Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India. We strive to introduce and educate different workplaces, residents, and business owners on the importance of fire safety and its prevention. As the commercial or non-commercial fire breakouts are on the rise, it motivated us at AR Fire Safety Solutions to get into this profession. Safety of every individual and its possessions have become our precedence that’s why we call your safety is our priority. To guard human lives, their wealth and surroundings from the fire accidents is the platform upon which team AR Fire Safety Solutions work.

Our Products and Services

To save from potential fire hazards our world class range of products includes the following:

  • Fire Suppression System
  • FM200 Fire Suppression System
  • Novec Fire Suppression System
  • CO2 Flooding System
  • Gas Flooding System
  • Mining Safety Products
  • Hydrant accessories
  • Fire Detection System

Annual Maintenance Contract

Every machine and installation requires a periodic check to keep it updated and functional. Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India. Our company charges very nominal amount to keep annual maintenance of the installed products.

Training & Certification

AR Fire Safety Solutions also offers Certification of Training about the function, Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India , installation and maintenance of the fire fighting/ safety products.

Fire Audit

We at AR Fire Safety Solutions offers fire audit, not only to identify fire hazards but also to reduce the stress of uncertainty related to fire breakout. Fire Detection and Protection System in Delhi, India. Following are few aspects which we take into consideration.

  • Fire Hazard identification
  • Fire detection and alarm system
  • Fire fighting system
  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Emergency management and life safety system
  • Fire Pump House
  • Fixed Fire protection.