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Kitchen Suppression System

Kitchen Suppression System

When attention stops, fire starts, it’s very important to always keep any eye on your cooking; fire incidence can occur very quickly. Commercial kitchens, mobile kitchens as well as domestic kitchen encounters fires now and then.

AR Fire Safety Solutions offers full fire protection systems to the industrial food industry to protect against damages and losses resulting from fires. Our products and systems are designed and supplied based upon OISD and NFPA industry codes and are approved to the highest standards of the fire industry guidelines. It can be widely used in the kitchens of the hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and the food processing, fryers and boilers industry etc.

Our kitchen fire suppression system is designed to provide fire protection in hoods and ducts of cooking appliances available for cooking. The system consists of wet agent tank enclosed in the cylinder mounting box, heat sensing cables, temperature sensors, control panel, piping, nozzle and water storage tank (or connection to water supply). The system provides both ways automatic actuation or manual actuation through a manual pull station. The system can also shut down other appliances if need arises. The system is capable of integrating other systems with it like fire alarms, pressure and electrical switches, gas valves, warning lights etc.

Kitchen Suppression System in Delhi, India


The moment fire is detected control panel activates the wet agent tank and low pH liquid (wet agent) gets discharged at a predetermined flow rate. It starts creating soap like foam on the affected surface, cooling greasy surface and reacting with hot oil or grease molecules stopping escape of combustible vapours. Kitchen suppression system is designed as hybrid (wet agent + water) as after wet agent water line starts activated to cooling down the surface, so that fire should not reignited.

Single or multiple tanks can be installed depending upon the requirement on site. The system could be installed on the cooker hood or in the adjacent cupboards.

Function of Kitchen Suppression System in Delhi, India